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Description of duties performed in NITTTR, Chandigarh

Description of duties performed in NITTTR, Chandigarh


1.   Coordinated various Short Term Courses conducted under Staff Development  Programme of Polytechnics

 The courses coordinated include    

 Computer Oriented Mathematical methods (6 weeks) at TTTI, Chandigarh

  Educational Computing (3 weeks) at Govt. Polytechnic, Sundernagar (H.P)

 Computers in Engineering Teaching (3 weeks) at G.V.Panth Polytechnic, New Delhi

 Preparing teachers for teaching computer applications (3 Weeks) at  TTTI, Chandigarh

 Computer Applications (3 weeks) conducted at Govt. Polytechnic, Kangra (H.P)


2.       To train teachers to teach computer science in Polytechnics, and Engineering Colleges

      The following subjects are taught.

·        Programming Languages BASIC, FORTRAN, PASCAL and C

·        Computer Oriented Mathematical methods

·        Operating System and Data Structures.

·        Imparted training to polytechnic faculty in utilizing the

·        Productivity tools and

·        Design & drafting tools.     


3.                 Preparation of instruction material (Print and Non print)   

Print Material

          Developed Instruction Material and Tutorial sheets for the subjects taught

Non print Material

 Developed graphic animations for the Educational Video Film  

Nuclear Power Reactor

 Designed and developed Computer Aided Instruction (CAI) packages for Education.

The packages developed include

·        Motion of charged particles

·        Simulation of Multiprogramming

·        Roots of non linear equations using Newton-Raphson method  which can be used as a CAI package as well as a tool

4.       Research and Development

·        Computer Simulation of the laboratory experiment Pipe Friction

·        Designed and developed student information system useful for polytechnics.

                 Guiding Projects

·        Guided in the design and development of the following projects

·        Demonstration of sorting techniques using computer which can be used as a CAI package as well as a tool.

·        Computerization of Examination system for the directorate.

·        Teaching Graphics.

·        Worked on the image processing system on Colour Object Recognition as a part of M. E. thesis work.

·        The influence of computers on technical education and the necessary revision of curriculum are studied.

5.       Curriculum Development

·        Involved in the design and development of curriculum for Master of Engineering in Computer Science & Engineering being conducted in the dept. of Computer Science, TTTI, Chandigarh.

·        Involved in the revision and development of curriculum for Diploma in Computer Application/ Diploma in Computer Engineering being conducted in polytechnics.

·        Participated in the workshops on curriculum Development conducted by Curriculum Development Centre, TTTI, Chandigarh

6.       Extension Services and Consultancy

Conducted a course on Computer Appreciation for the officers of State Bank of Patiala at  TTTI, Chandigarh


7.       In-house Training Programmes

Coordinated in conducting various part time courses in the use of computer packages for the Faculty / Staff of TTTI, Chandigarh.

Conducted a one-week part time programme on Microsoft Word for the Faculty/Staff of  TTTI.

8.       Other Academic Activities

          Attended as external examiner for conducting practical examinations in Computer           Science subjects at degree and engineering colleges.

          Set papers, and evaluated answer sheets for various examinations including B.Tech

            (Comp.Sc.), and MCA of different universities.




Description of duties performed in NITTTR, Chandigarh